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Chiang kai-shec Memorial Hall(National Taiwan Democracy Memorial Hall)  The face of culture is readily evident in Taipei. In the famed National Palace Museum, in Shilin, priceless Chinese cultural relics are housed in a collection considered the world's best; in addition, the city has literally hundreds of other public and private museums of humanities and technology. These museums provide a convenient means for people to learn and come into contact with culture. The city also boasts a municipal library with 44 branches, housing over 7 million volumes, all of which may be borrowed. Taipei is also home to world-class theatre and concerts, which not only offer classic works from various nations, but also nurture local artistic talent, melding traditional Chinese culture and Taiwan's local culture with international performing troupes such as Cloud Gate Dance Theatre and U-Theatre. Both of these groups were born and came of age in Taipei. Moreover, there are many locations where visitors may enjoy historic relics and the architecture of various nations. These give Taipei a diversified cultural face and real vision.