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Geographical location

Asia is the locomotive powering the world’s economy today, and Taiwan is one of its engines. And as Taiwan’s political and economic capital, Taipei stands at the heart of Asia.

The average flight time from Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport to seven major cities around the western Pacific is only 2 hours and 55 minutes. Three hours is what some people might need to drive from their home in the suburbs to their workplace in the city, but that is all you need to fly from Taipei to any of these vital global transfer points. In addition, Songshan Airport in Taipei also offers international, cross-strait, domestic flights and short-haul service. Its convenience of air traffic to and from and within Taiwan is unmatched.

Taipei City is also less than an hour away from Keelung Harbor, northern Taiwan’s most important commercial port. At 57.2 square kilometers in area, Keelung Harbor is Taiwan’s second-largest port, and it is connected to the rest of Taiwan, including Hsinchu, in the heart of the island, by an excellent network of transportation. The harbor boasts56 wharfs (38 for freight transport), over which passed more than 2 million TEU (i.e., Twenty-Foot Equivalent Unit) in evey Year.

The average time needed to transport goods from Kaohsiung, Taiwan’s largest port in the south, to the five largest ports in the Asia-Pacific region is less than 53 hours.

Over land, Taipei and Kaohsiung are linked by Taiwan’s High-Speed Rail (HSR) system, which connects all the major cities on the western side of the island. On the HSR, a trip between Taipei and Kaohsiung take only 90 minutes.

Today, the HSR, Taiwan’s traditional railway network, and Greater Taipei’s Mass Rapid Transit System have converged to further enhance transportation in Taiwan. Furthermore, coupled with Jiang Wei-shui Freeway (Peiyi Expressway), northern Taiwan enjoys a comprehensive transportation network fully equipped to meet every transportation need quickly and conveniently.