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2023 Taipei Lunar New Year’s Shopping– 10 Major Shopping Districts for a Delightful New Year!

Super Cute Rabbit Spotted in Taipei Lunar New Year Festival, Five Giant “Lucky Rabbits” and Limited Edition “Cute Rabbit Fortune Money” to Bless You with a Prosperous New Year!

The “2023 Taipei New Year Festival” is set to kick off on January 6, 2023! With the theme of “Ritual of Chinese New Year,” from the “Rituals of Reunion Dinners on Chinese New Year “, “Out with the Old, In with the New on Chinese New Year”, “Head Out and Try Amazing Eats During Chinese New Year” and other essential experiences for the Lunar New Year, this year’s festival event will partner with ten New Year’s Shopping districts to stimulate consumer spending and let the public experience Taipei’s unique lunar new year culture!

In order to welcome the Year of the Rabbit, Taipei Lunar New Year Festival has introduced cute and auspicious mascots, including five giant Fortune Cute Rabbits, a limited edition Lunar New Year Festival-exclusive Cute Rabbit Fortune Money, and a limited-edition cute rabbit-themed bread and coffee cups in collaboration with Hi-Life Convenience Store. In addition, in order to promote viral buzz both online and offline, we have set up giant balloon installations of Lucky Cute Rabbits at Dihua Street Shopping District and Yongle Square, Year of the Rabbit Co-Creation Lantern Area and a giant Good Fortune Red Envelope Wall with a total prize amount of more than NT$1 million. We also joined hands with Shopee to launch the “Taipei Lunar New Year Festival Online Zone” and the “Find and Take a Picture with Cute Rabbit and Stand a Chance to Win Great Prizes” activities to invite people to spend a festive Lunar New Year in Taipei together!


Collaborating with Ten Major New Year’s Shopping Districts for Spring Festival Opportunities

Wan-An Chiang, Mayor of Taipei, pointed out that Taipei Lunar New Year Festival is the most iconic festival market event in Taiwan, now in its 28th year since it was first held on Dihua Street in 1996. This year’s event also marks an important moment to welcome the relaxation of epidemic prevention measures. The Taipei City Government will collaborate with major Chinese New Year Shopping Districts to launch Chinese New Year decorations or marketing activities, so that the people of Taiwan can enjoy the festive season all the way from Lunar New Year to the Taiwan Lantern Festival, and jointly strive for greater business opportunities for the Spring Festival. The Dihua Street Shopping District and Rongbin Market are renowned for the rich ambience and flavors of Chinese New Year, are suitable for the public to purchase top-quality Chinese New Year dishes and fresh meat and fish, allowing people to enjoy the “Rituals of Reunion Dinners on Chinese New Year”. Taipei City Mall, Taipei Station Wholesale Market District, Huayin Street Taipei Main Station Shopping District, Yuanling Street Shopping District, Dongmen Yongkang Shopping District and Si Ping Sun Shopping District are suitable for picking up new clothes, personal accessories and home accessories for the Chinese New Year, so as to give yourself and your home a new look and feel that “Out with the Old, In with the New on Chinese New Year”.  And The Ningxia Night Market and Bangka Night Market are suitable for a gourmet feast with friends and relatives to foster closer ties and experience the “Head Out and Try Amazing Eats During Chinese New Year”.


Five Giant Lucky Cute Rabbit Installations to Greet You on the New Year

In response to this year’s Year of the Rabbit, 2023 Taipei Lunar New Year Festival has launched “Lucky Cute Rabbit”, which is designed as a series of various decorations to connect all the major New Year shopping districts, including five giant “Lucky Cute Rabbit Balloon Installations” on Dihua Street, standing on the streets and roofs of buildings in a super adorable and eye-catching manner. In addition, there are also exciting activities and creative decorations at Yongle Square, such as the fortune red envelope wall, the New Year’s Scroll art experience, street performers, and the Year of the Rabbit Co-Creation Lantern Area.


Year of the Rabbit Co-Creation Lantern Area

To let more people understand the origin of the Taipei Lunar New Year Festival, the city government partnered with the Dihua Street Shopping District Development Promotion Association to continue the popular Co-Creation Lantern Area decorations first launched last year, and invited local residents, shopkeepers, students and visitors to paint lanterns and decorate Yongle Square as the “Year of the Rabbit Co-Creation Lantern Area” to become a new photo spot highlight during the festival.


Fortune Red Envelope Wall – NT$1 million Worth of Prizes Awaiting You

A “Fortune Red Envelope Wall” will be set up at Yongle Square. From January 6 to 20, and 4 sessions from 13:00 to 20:00 every day during the event period, people who take photos and share them on social media will have a chance to win special gifts, Shopee vouchers and a limited number of “Cute Rabbit Fortune Money” prizes with a combined worth of over a NT$ million dollars.


Find the Cute Rabbit, Take a Picture, and Win Great Prizes

During the campaign period from January 6 to 20, take photos with the Cute Rabbit at the seven major New Year’s shopping districts in Taipei, and then upload the photos to the official Facebook fanpage Taipei City Office of Commerce, tag three friends and complete the relevant steps of the event to stand the chance to win many great prizes such as home appliances!


Cute Rabbit Fortune Money

This year’s Fortune Money is designed in the shape of a cute rabbit and combined with a creative scratch card. The public are invited to save their handwritten blessing in the red envelope and gift it to their friends and family, who will then be able to scratch off the sincere blessing message. People who want to get the Fortune Money can participate in the lucky red envelope wall activities at Yongle Square during the Taipei Lunar New Year Festival, the Mayor’s New Year Greetings events, and the activities of the official Facebook fanpage Taipei City Office of Commerce for a chance to win the limited Cute Rabbit Fortune Money!


Taipei Lunar New Year Festival Shopee Zone: Embracing New Year’s Eve Consumption of the Digital Age / Collaboration with Hi-Life: Five Cute Rabbit Bread and Coffee Cup Sets

To embrace the post-pandemic era, the city government will continue to integrate online and offline shopping to promote new business models in the shopping districts of Taipei. The city government has partnered with Shopee to launch the largest online New Year’s Eve shopping platform “Taipei Lunar New Year Festival Online Zone” in Taiwan. The Zone includes products from over 90 renowned stores on Dihua Street, such as Liangtong Traditional Chinese Medicine, Zhengxin Gingseng, Li Ri Sheng, Li Ting Xiang, Du Xiao Yue Noodles, as well as many other well-known stores from Taipei’s many shopping districts with a total number of more than 100 stores. The platform has also launched exclusive offers, such as the chance to win great lunar new year products when purchasing above a threshold, and discounts as low as 49% off to satisfy the lunar new year shopping needs of online shoppers.  The “Fortune Red Envelope Wall” at Yongle Square also offers more than NT$1million dollars worth of Shopee vouchers and coupons, so people can shop with ease both online and offline.

In addition, this year, Taipei Lunar New Year Festival has partnered with Hi-Life Convenience Store, which started out from Dihua Street, to launch Taipei Lunar New Year Festival limited edition Cute Rabbit coffee cups and bread, which will be sold at 1,500 Hi-Life nationwide from now until January 24, so that all people are delighted by this festive season. 

We remind the public to wear a mask and observe other epidemic prevention measures when shopping during the Taipei Lunar New Year Festival. For more information on the Taipei Lunar New Year Festival series of events, please visit the “2023 Taipei Lunar New Year Festival Official Website”, the “Taipei City Office of Commerce” official Facebook fanpage and the official website of the Taipei City Office of Commerce.


Official website of the 2023 Taipei Lunar New Year Festival: https://www.2023taipeilunarnewyear.com/

Taipei City Office of Commerce FB fan page: https://www.facebook.com/tcooc/

Taipei City Office of Commerce official website: https://www.tcooc.gov.taipei/

Taipei Lunar New Year Festival X Shopee “Taipei Lunar New Year Festival Online Shopping”: https://reurl.cc/lZOX7j


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