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I would like to inquire about registering my company as a pharmaceutical company in Taipei. Can you please explain the registration process?

  It is necessary for the foreign investor/company to apply to Department of Commerce, MOEA for search and reservation of company name and business scope at first. (For establishing an ordinary company, apply to Investment Commission for foreign investment approval and the examination of investment capital before the company registrations are both in need.)

  Besides, according to the law, any person with the intent to be a pharmaceutical firm shall file application to the municipal or county (city) competent health authority for approval and registration, and shall start the permit operation only after having paid the license fee and obtained the business license. In case of any changes in the particulars registered, an application for such change registration shall be completed. Furthermore, dealers of western pharmaceuticals and their sales shall have a full-time resident pharmacist for management. However, a full-time assistant pharmacist, if no narcotics is sold.

  After obtaining the foregoing approval, please bring the required documents related to the establishment of registration and go to the competent authorities to finish the final registration steps. For the branch of foreign company, please go to Department of Commerce, MOEA; for the ordinary company, please back to Taipei City Office of Commerce.