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How many directors and supervisors must a company have? And what kinds of qualifications do they need?

 A Limited Company must have at least one but not more than three directors to execute business operation and to represent the company. When more than one director is elected, one of them shall be designated to act as the chairman of directors and to represent the company. A director who must be a shareholder with disposing capacity (age over 20) does not have a term of office.
  A Limited Company does not have any supervisor. Shareholders who do not conduct business may exercise power of audit.
  A Company Limited by Shares must have a board of directors that consists of at least three directors as well as at least one supervisor elected by the shareholders' meeting. The board of directors have to elect a chairman from among the directors by a majority vote at a meeting attended by over two-thirds of the directors, and may elect a vice chairman of the board in the same way.
 A company with more than nine directors may have responsible persons elected from among the directors in the same manner as mentioned above. The number of responsible persons shall not be less than three persons but not more than one-third of the total number of directors. The chairman or the vice chairman of the board shall be elected from the responsible persons.
 The chairman of the board of a Company Limited by Shares shall internally preside at the shareholders' meeting, the meeting of the board of directors, and the meeting of the responsible persons, and shall externally represent the company.
 The term of office of a director and a supervisor shall not exceed three years; but he/she may be eligible for re-election.
 A director or a supervisor of a Company Limited by Shares must have disposing capacity (age over 20). However, the qualification of shareholders is not necessary.

 Foreigners who are willing to incorporate or invest in a local company have to first obtain the approval Investment Commission, Ministry of Economic Affairs( MOEAIC, see website http://www.moeaic.gov.tw(Chinese) ). One copy of approval documents issued by MOEAIC is required to be attached to the application documents. Then submit your application for registration. As to the registration of a branch of a foreign company, since the central competent authority, Ministry of Economic Affairs, does not authorize us to perform the procedure, you need to submit your application to MOEA. Please see more information on the website: http://www.moea.gov.tw(Chinese) or call (02)2321-2200.