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NO.TitlePublish Date
1Can a foreign national be elected as a board member, if he or she reaches the legal age according to their national’s rules and regulations?2014-11-20
2I would like to inquire about registering my company as a pharmaceutical company in Taipei. Can you please explain the registration process?2013-12-30
3How can we appoint a manager? How about a general manager?2009-06-02
4How many directors and supervisors must a company have? And what kinds of qualifications do they need?2009-06-02
5What should we do if we want to incorporate or invest in a local company? And what if we want to register a branch here?2009-06-02
6What is a company?2009-06-02
7Can I hand in my registration application documents all in English?2009-06-02
8What is the deadline for registration?2009-06-02
9How do you charge for company registrations? Can we submit a package of registrations? How are they charged?2009-06-02
10Is our application filed by an agent acceptable? Are there any qualifications for an agent?2009-06-02
11Which title can a manager be registered? Are titles like 'Export Dept. Manager', 'Sales Manager' acceptable for registration?2009-06-02
12Should directors and supervisors need domicile in Taiwan? How about managers?2009-06-02
13Can a natural person be elected as director/supervisor in the capacity of the representative of an institutional shareholder and a natural personal shareholder at the same time?2009-06-02
14How can we elect directors and supervisors if our company has only one institutional shareholder?2009-06-02