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Duties of Taipei City Office of Commerce

Commercial Development Section

  1. Development of Feature Industries.
  2. Commercial association affairs.
  3. Protecting the interests of Consumers.
  4. Fair trade affairs.

Registration Section

  1. Governing business registration.
  2. The issuance copies of registration records and qualification reviews.
  3. Public liability Insurance Affairs

Regulatory Section

  1. The administration of Eight Special-Purpose Businesses, Electronic Game Arcade Businesses and Computer Entertainment Businesses .
  2. Inspections of Penalties for Violating the governing regulations.
  3. The inspection and Correction of Illegal Commercial Activities.
  4. Conduct spot checks, advice, and promote the practice of commodity labeling for merchandise in the market.

Assistance and Advisory Section

  1. Devise strategies for business/commercial district development.
  2. Assist and advise Feature Commercial Districts; organize promotional activities.
  3. Promote Taipei’s city theme marketing festivals.(Taipei Lunar New Year Festival)